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Ultimate Recs Post

I've been wanting to do a huge fanfics rec post (more for my personal reference than anything) for a long time...then recently I realized I spend just as much time reading online comics and other cool stuff, so it turned into a huge miscellaneous recs post...then I finally did the smart thing and just combined both ideas. And this is the end product. Enjoy!

We'll go by alphabetical order so as not to confuse you lovely people.

First, fanfiction:
Part I: A-K
Part II: L-Z

Next, fanart:
Part I: A-G
Part II: H-Z

And finally, online comics:

(Originally there was going to be a fanvid section too, but YouTube tends to delete things at the drop of a hat these days, sooo...I'm not messing with that crap.)

This is also something of a coming out post for me, since I don't think I've ever mentioned that I like both slash and het pretty synonymously. In fact, the stats for the fanfiction post are 56% het and 44% slash. So no judging on a pairing just because of the sexual orientation, okay?

Other than that, enjoy, share with other people, and let me know if I've forgotten one of your favorites!

Grimm Recap: Bears Will Be Bears...

(I've seen this done a few times so I thought I'd try my hand at it.)

I've recently decided to go through the Grimm episodes for a second watch (don't ask me why I like this show so much, I'm as surprised as you are) and jot down my comments as I go. I guess to look back and laugh at myself if nothing else. Anyway, on we go!

So I might've gone overboard with the picture count, just fyi...Collapse )

Musical Philosophy

Why is it that the buildup to the climax is always better than the climax itself? I think it's something like that concept of "nothing is scarier" meaning that if you don't actually show the low-budget monster on screen, the film will be about 200x more sucessful. ...This is why The Blair Witch Project didn't fade into obscurity.

But anyway.

I've been listening to a bunch of big, long, dramatic pieces today (way too many projects to be working on) and I always get so excited during the build-up, like "Oh yay, it's coming! I don't know what yet, but it's going to be spectacular and I just. can't. waaait..." and then it's like NOISE and strings whirling around like crazy! and I'm like, "...well, that was really cool, but I was kinda hoping it would be better." Why is that? This is driving me more crazy than I have any right to be at this time of night. I have rehearsal tomorrow, I should be sleeping.

But I was just reading over some of the papers I had to write today and kept noticing this pattern of, "This happens and it's really cool, tension builds, then this, then this, then even more of this, more and more and more tension, (you're getting excited, aren't you?) and finally...climax." Meh. I should not write concert reviews; they would be so boring.

Actually, this whole entry is pretty much my entire musical philosophy reduced down to the smallest point: you can get close, but it'll never be good enough. I know that sounds really pessimistic, but that's why I keep playing. Because you have to keep trying, even if you know you'll never get close enough, but that's what makes it worth it. All the practicing and anxiety and frustration, it really is all worth it just for those few glorious moments.

I am such a sap. Also, Whitney Houston's death might be affecting me more than I thought... Requie in pace and goodnight, I need sleep.

Serious business talk

(This discussion is brought to you by the Madonna episode of Glee in the later half of the first season.)

Serious stuff about life and everythingCollapse )

Wow, that was dark. This is why I never talk serious on this journal. Anyway, will hopefully have something up that's more cheerful in a few days. We'll see.
Medieval quotation cause, what the hell.

So my weekend was fun. Good, even. I made two new friends, got to see a really awesome rendition of Tchaik 4, and successfully talked to my friend in the Peace Corps for 2 hours. Life is pretty good, right?

WRONG. So deadly wrongly wrong I don't EVEN.

So I get back yesterday after performing in a pretty good concert happy with myself and the world and go to get my house keys. Oh what, they're not there. I was double-taking for like half a minute because I could. not. believe. how stupid THAT had been. So I knock on the door hoping against hope that my roommate who lives all the way up on the 3rd floor would hear me. Guess how that turned out. So I climb up the fake fire emergency staircase to go knocking on my 2nd story roommate's window just in case he's home (unlikely). Also a 'guess how that turned out' situation.

One of the girls in the partition next to us came out (since I was climbing on ladders and knocking on windows like a creeper and whatnot) and offered to let me camp out in their place til I figured out my crapload of problems. I get in, go to get my phone to call someone and...guess what? No really, guess. Yeah, no phone. Basically my entire existence in locked in the house. So I borrowed my neighbor's phone to call the landlord, but he's a couple states away. Yeah, but the day before he woke me up at 9 to check my mattress for bedbugs, even though the HEALTH INSPECTOR just did that with a surgical flashlight or somesuch ridiculous thing. What makes you think you can do better?

Anyway, since I had no one else to call (since I don't have my roommates' numbers memorized) I resorted to asking to go up to the 3rd floor so I could bang on the wall and hope to attract my roommate's attention. No dice. Now these girls are organizing a party and I'm basically just chilling in the corner on my iPod (why the hell did I think I needed that but couldn't bother to check if I had my KEYS??) listening to the front door for when my roommates eventually return. Finally, about an hour later, when the first guests have started to arrive and I'm smiling awkwardly at everyone and wishing I was anywhere else (you know, a ditch, the moon, an Amazonian jungle...) I hear my front door open.

Turns out my 3rd floor roommate was here the whole time and thought he'd been going crazy hearing somebody banging on his walls and shouting his name. Nope, that was just me. Hold the door while I get my stuff and awkwardly thank the neighbors? Great, thanks, bye. So I go inside (finally!), go up to the 2nd floor, and open my door. Then I got some hot chocolate, finished my paper, and got a good night's sleep. Except not.

Yeah, my room door was locked too. I'm never ever locking that door again, I don't care what people break in and steal, I don't even CARE. So I run downstairs but my roommate's already long gone and the other one hardly ever gets home before 11. It is now 6. Okay, I don't know what I was thinking before, but somewhere in my mind I just assumed that if I could get into the house then I'd be able to get into my room. I don't know, we'll use a coat hanger or something, I'VE GOT THIS.

So I spend about 2 hours concocting more and more ridiculous methods to get inside my room. I mutilated one of my spiral notebooks to use the wire, first to pick the lock (an unmitigated failure) then to bind a spatula to a slat of wood, slide it under the door and try to use my fingers to control the whole contraption enough to unlock the door. Yeah, guess how that turned out.

Now I'm getting desperate. I remember that my window is unlocked so I go outside to see if I can somehow climb up. I live in a pretty old house, so the ceilings are higher than average and the window is at spiderman capabilities. So that's a no go as well.

I go inside and bewail my fate for a while, cook dinner, and read fanfiction on my iPod until it dies. THEN my 3rd floor roommate comes home. And promptly goes oh crap you were locked out of your room all this time? He goes upstairs and we spend about half an hour coming up with more ridiculous solutions to the locked door problem. Nothing works. Of course. He even drove his jeep right next to the side of the house and tried to climb up to reach my window. Unfortunately, there's nothing to grab on to on the eave below my window and he might be strong but you can't pull yourself up by your fingertips. Spiderman capabilities. Yeah.

So we finally give up for the night, he lends me a T-shirt and shorts to sleep in, and says he can wake me up at 7:30. That works, since oh yeah I still have a paper to write. So now I'm in the library counting down to my first class and hoping nobody notices that I'm still wearing my concert clothes from last night.

This is going to be a long day.

And no, you DON'T get an LJ-cut, alright? You can't get everything you want, or didn't you hear that part of the story?
...well, it isn't!

Yoink!Collapse )

Also, I'd like to take this space to say what a wonderful series Death Note really is. I've been reading the manga, which is something I really don't do even if the series is exceptional, but I was really curious to see if anything changed. So far it's been almost exactly the same, except for one very small scene that I just have to mention. When Light first meets Misa, they go up to his room and talk, right? Well, in the manga he asks her how much of a person's face she needs to see in order to get their name with the shinigami eyes. She ends up drawing a series of diagrams to explain that are really intelligent. Light points out that she's pretty good at explaining things and there's a moment where they make eye contact and they both look away, blushing, and Light actually has an inner monologue about not getting involved...which implies that he actually has an attraction to her! Of course, this is never mentioned again (as far as I know), but still!

Oh, and the other point I wanted to mention is something that always bothered me. During the story arc where Light has lost his memories of the Death Note, L asks him to lead Misa on in case she's still somehow in contact with Kira's doings. Light says that goes against his personal code of honor and L says that maybe they aren't that alike after all. So what this boils down to is that Light has a stronger moral code (when he's not being influenced by the Death Note) than L does with or without influence. Oh character ambiguity! No series does it quite like Death Note.

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